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Books by Mary Baker Eddy

Science of Man,  Science and Health - 1st Edition,  Science and Health - 2nd Edition,  Science and Health - 3rd Edition,

Science and Health -  50th Edition and the current edition of Science and Health.



Books by Herbert W. Eustace


Christian Science:  Its 'Clear Correct Teaching'" and Complete Writings,  The Line of Light,  Your Power and Dominion,  Science Understood Translates Matter ('The Beast' of Revelation) Into Mind,  Letter Excerpts Statements on Christian Science,  Metaphysical Statements Excerpted from Letters by Herbert W. Eustace, C.S.B.,  Proceedings in Equity 1919-1921 (The Great Litigation).  Also Recordings Mr. Eustace made reciting the Clear Correct Teaching and Whoso Readeth, Let Him Understand.


Footsteps Of His Flock™ Books/Pamphlets


The Christian Science Monitor's Home Forum Page Articles from 1914 through January, 1922.  They encompassed World War I as well as The Great Litigation.  Herbert W. Eustace was a Trustee for the Christian Science Publishing Society and was responsible, along with two other Trustees, for the Christian Science Journals, Christian Science Sentinels, and the Christian Science Monitors.  These Articles were the catalyst of the Great Litigation.

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